Residents flee massive ash cloud from erupting volcano (VIDEO)

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Residents flee massive ash cloud from erupting volcano (VIDEO)
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A volcano erupted on the Indonesian island of Java on Saturday, reportedly obscuring the sun with a massive cloud of ash, and sending locals into a panic.

A clip on social media has captured people, who live at the foot of Semeru volcano, fleeing in fear ahead of a cloud of black ash descending from the 3,676-meter-tall mountain.

The author of the footage is heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) in face of this truly apocalyptic sight.

The ash cloud had reportedly risen some 15,000 meters in the air, prompting a warning to airlines. Media said it completely blocked out the sun in areas near the eruption.

There have been no reports so far of injuries or fatalities as a result of the volcanic activity. Rescuers have headed out to the site to assist those in distress.

Semeru is an active volcano in the East Java province. More than 50 eruptions have been recorded since 1818, the latest, until now, taking place in January. Indonesia is located on the so-called 'Ring of Fire' – an arc of volcanoes and fault lines in the Pacific Ocean – and so earthquakes and eruptions are quite common for the archipelago nation of 270 million.

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