3 Aesop Fables

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The Sick Stag

A SICK STAG lay down in a quiet nook of its pasture-ground. His partners got here in tremendous numbers to inquire after his health, and every one helped himself to a proportion of the meals which have been positioned for his use; in order that he died, now no longer from his sickness, however from the failure of the approach of living.


Evil partners convey greater harm than profit. 


The Woodman and the Serpent One wintry day a Woodman turned into tramping domestic from his paintings whilst he noticed some thing black mendacity at the snow. When he got here nearer he noticed it turned into a Serpent to all look dead. But he took it up and positioned it in his bosom to heat at the same time as he moved quickly domestic. As quickly as he were given interior he positioned the Serpent down at the hearth

earlier than the fire.

The kids watched it and noticed it slowly come to existence again. Then certainly considered one among them stooped right all the way down to stroke it, however thc Serpent raised its head and positioned out its fangs and turned into approximately to sting the kid to death. So the Woodman seized his axe, and with one stroke reduce the Serpent in two. “Ah,” stated he, “No gratitude from the wicked.”


The Wolf and the Kid

A KID status at the roof of a house, out of harm’s way, noticed a Wolf passing via way of means of and straight away commenced to taunt and revile him. The Wolf, searching up, stated, “Sirrah! I listen thee: but it isn't thou who mockest me, however the roof on which thou artwork status.”

Time and vicinity regularly provide the benefit to the susceptible over the strong.

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