7 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Be More Productive, Backed By Science? Top 7 Powered by Science?

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7 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Be More Productive, Backed By Science? Top 7 Powered by Science?
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When I changed into 17 years old, I used to paintings and examine for approximately 20 hours an afternoon. I went to school, did my homework throughout breaks and controlled a now no longer-for-earnings organisation at night time. At that point, running lengthy hours landed me endless countrywide campaigns, possibilities to paintings with A-listing groups and a a hit career. As I were given older, I commenced to assume differently. I found out that running extra isn't always continually the right, or handiest, direction to achievement.

Sometimes, running much less can honestly produce higher consequences.

Consider a small commercial enterprise proprietor who works nonstop. Working tough won’t assist him compete together along with his company competitors. That’s due to the fact time is a constrained commodity. An entrepreneur ought to paintings 24 hours an afternoon, 7 days every week, however his or her competitor can continually spend extra cash, bring together a crew and spend loads extra collective guy hours at the equal project. Then why have small startups executed matters that a few large agencies couldn’t? Facebook offered Instagram, a agency with thirteen personnel on the time, for a thousand million dollars. Snapchat, a startup with 30 personnel, changed into turning down gives from Facebook and Google. Part of every in their successes changed into primarily based totally on luck, and a few on efficiency.

The key to achievement isn't always running tough. It’s running smart.

There’s a remarkable difference among being busy and being efficient. Being busy doesn’t continually always imply you’re being efficient. Despite what a few would possibly consider, being efficient is much less approximately time control and extra on dealing with your electricity. It’s the commercial enterprise of existence. It’s studying the way to spend the least quantity of electricity to get the maximum benefits. I in my opinion discovered the way to lessen my paintings week from eighty hours to forty hours, and get loads extra paintings accomplished withinside the process. For me, much less is extra.

Here are seven matters I stopped doing to come to be extra efficient.

1. Stop running time beyond regulation and growth your productiveness instead.

Have you ever questioned in which the 5-day, forty-hour paintings week got here from? In 1926, Henry Ford, American industrialist and founding father of Ford Motor Company, carried out an test together along with his personal staff:

He reduced their every day hours from 10 to eight, and shortened the paintings week from 6 days to five. As a result, he noticed his workers’ productiveness growth.

The extra you paintings, the much less powerful and efficient you come to be over each the quick and lengthy term, states a 1980 file from The Business Roundtable titled “Scheduled Overtime Effect on Construction Projects.”

Source: Calculating Loss of Productivity Due to Overtime Using Published Charts — Fact or Fiction

“Where a piece agenda of 60 or extra hours according to week is sustained longer than approximately months, the cumulative impact of reduced productiveness will reason a put off withinside the crowning glory date past that that could had been found out with the equal group length on a forty-hour week.”

Source: Calculating Loss of Productivity Due to Overtime Using Published Charts — Fact or Fiction

In an article for AlterNet, editor Sara Robinson referenced studies carried out with the aid of using americaA army which discovered that “dropping simply one hour of sleep according to night time for every week will reason a degree of cognitive degradation equal to a .10 blood alcohol degree.” You can get fired for coming to paintings drunk, however it’s suitable to tug an all-nighter.

Irrespective of the way nicely you had been capable of get on together along with your day after that maximum latest night time with out sleep, it's miles not likely which you felt specially upbeat and joyous approximately the world. Your extra-terrible-than-common attitude may have resulted from a generalized low mood, that is a regular effect of being overtired. More crucial than simply the mood, this thoughts-set is frequently observed with the aid of using decreases in willingness to assume and act proactively, manage impulses, experience effective approximately your self, empathize with others, and typically use emotional intelligence.

Source: The Secret World of Sleep: The Surprising Science of the Mind at Rest

It’s crucial for us now no longer to overwork ourselves and get sufficient sleep to hold a excessive degree of productiveness. Next time you’re questioning why you could now no longer be running productively, the purpose can be easy as you being disadvantaged of ok sleep. (James Maas, a snooze researcher and professional, discovered that as a minimum seven out of each 10 Americans don’t get sufficient sleep.)

Did you already know?

  • Leonardo da Vinci took more than one naps an afternoon and slept much less at night time.
  • The French emperor Napoleon changed into now no longer shy approximately taking naps. He indulged every day.
  • Though Thomas Edison changed into embarrassed approximately his dozing habit, he additionally practiced this ritual on a every day basis.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt, the spouse of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, used to enhance her electricity earlier than speakme engagements with the aid of using dozing.
  • Gene Autry, “the Singing Cowboy,” robotically took naps in his dressing room among performances.
  • President John F. Kennedy ate his lunch in mattress after which settled in for a snooze—each day!
  • Oil industrialist and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller napped each afternoon in his office.
  • Winston Churchill’s afternoon nap changed into a non-negotiable. He believed it helped him get two times as tons accomplished every day.
  • President Lyndon B. Johnson took a snooze each afternoon at three:30 p.m. so as to interrupt his day up into “ shifts.”
  • Though he changed into criticized for it, President Ronald Reagan famously took naps as nicely.

Source: five Reasons Why You Should Take a Nap Every Day — Michael Hyatt

On a non-public note, when you consider that I commenced getting as a minimum 7 to eight hours of sleep every night time, I’ve observed a extrade: I have become loads extra efficient and were given loads extra paintings accomplished in evaluation to once I labored sixteen hours an afternoon. Who knew snoozing changed into this kind of first rate device for entrepreneurs?

2. Don’t say “sure” too frequently

According to the Pareto principle, 20 percentage of the attempt produces eighty percentage of the consequences; however, 20 percentage of the consequences consumes eighty percentage of the attempt. Instead of running harder, we have to attention in the main at the efforts that produce the bulk of the consequences and forgo the rest. That manner, we've got extra time to attention at the maximum crucial duties. Stop pronouncing “sure” to duties that yield very little result.

“The distinction among a hit human beings and really a hit human beings is that very a hit human beings say “no” to nearly the whole thing.”

— Warren Buffett

So what have to you say “sure” to? And whilst have to you say “no”? If you may’t discern out if some thing goes to be really well worth your time, take into account jogging a easy cut up take a look at. Consider monitoring the whole thing you do, and the time it takes to finish every project, and the consequences. Then cross back, examine your listing to peer what did (or didn’t) show fruitful, and take your findings into attention to optimize for destiny duties.

Most people say sure extra frequently than we have to, for quite a few reasons, which includes guilt and overstretching ourselves, however additionally due to the fact it's so tons less difficult than pronouncing no. Nobody desires to be the terrible guy.

In a 2012 examine posted withinside the Journal of Consumer Research, researchers cut up a hundred and twenty college students in groups. One institution changed into educated to apply the phrase “I can’t” whilst discussing the unique choices, at the same time as the alternative changed into educated to apply “I don’t” in framing their selections.

The college students who instructed themselves “I can’t devour X” selected to devour the chocolate sweet bar 61% of the time. Meanwhile, the scholars who instructed themselves “I don’t devour X” selected to devour the chocolate sweet bars handiest 36% of the time. This easy extrade in terminology notably progressed the chances that anyone might make a extra healthful meals choice.

Next time you want to keep away from pronouncing sure, use “I don’t” on your refusal, to enhance the beneficial conduct of pronouncing no to matters that aren’t really well worth it.

Another first rate trick is to keep away from sports that don’t upload sufficient price on your existence is the 20-2nd rule: For sports you shouldn’t be enticing in, or terrible conduct you need to interrupt, upload an detail of difficulty, including on a 20-2nd roadblock, so that you can speak, to you beginning that interest. For example, if you’re looking to use reduce your use of social media, delete the tempting apps out of your phone, in order that it takes you some other 20 seconds to locate your computer to get right of entry to them. By including in an inconvenience, you’ll be much less probably to have interaction with that draining interest or habit.

Lower the activation electricity for conduct you need to undertake and lift it for conduct you need to keep away from. The extra we will decrease or maybe remove the activation electricity for our preferred actions, the extra we beautify our cappotential to jump-begin effective extrade.

Source: The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work

three. Stop doing the whole thing your self and begin letting human beings assist you

At a few factor in my career, I changed into dealing with a completely massive network and couldn’t take care of all of it myself. I burnt out, and the network ended up taking on and dealing with itself. Surprisingly, participants did a higher process than I ought to have ever accomplished on my personal. I discovered the energy of network and why manufacturers want user-generated content material.

Consumers apprehend what they need and the way they need it higher than any marketer does. Did you already know that, in accordance to Octoly, user-generated motion pictures are regarded 10 instances extra than brand-generated motion pictures on YouTube? When searching for data approximately a selected brand, over half (fifty one percentage) of Americans believe user-generated content material extra than what’s at the brand’s respectable website (sixteen percentage) or media insurance at the brand (14 percentage). It’s crucial for entrepreneurs to open up and are seeking assist from the brand’s network itself.

Source: Earned Media Rankings on YouTube — Octoly

Being a first rate content material marketer isn't always approximately growing the excellent content material, however constructing a first rate network so as to generate exquisite content material for you.

It’s crucial for us to recognize we will are seeking assist whilst we want it. Sometimes it’s not possible to do the whole thing ourselves. It‘s higher to allow a person, or a crew, proportion the paintings, providing you with extra time to attention at the maximum crucial duties. Instead of losing time and electricity overloading your self or looking to do it on my own, allow others proportion the load and assist.

Often instances, even in case your buddies or coworkers can’t assist you, honestly having them round let you come to be extra efficient.

Just having buddies close by can push you closer to productiveness. “There’s a idea in ADHD remedy known as the ‘frame double,’ ” says David Nowell, Ph.D., a scientific neuropsychologist from Worcester, Massachusetts. “Distractable human beings get extra accomplished whilst there may be a person else there, even supposing he isn’t training or supporting them.” If you’re going through a project this is stupid or difficult, inclusive of cleansing out your closets or pulling collectively your receipts for tax time, get a chum to be your frame double.

Source: Friendfluence: The Surprising Ways Friends Make Us Who We Are

four. Stop being a perfectionist

“We located that perfectionism journeys up professors at the manner to investigate productiveness. The extra perfectionistic the professor, the much less efficient they are,” Dr. Simon Sherry, a psychology professor at Dalhousie University who carried out a examine on perfectionism and productiveness, instructed University Affairs. Dr. Sherry located a strong correlation among extended perfectionism and reduced productiveness.

Here are a few issues related to being a perfectionist:

  • They spend extra time than required on a project.
  • They procrastinate and look ahead to the best second. In commercial enterprise, if it's miles the best second, you're too late.
  • They omit the massive photo at the same time as focusing an excessive amount of at the small matters.

Marketers frequently look ahead to the best second. In doing so, they turn out to be lacking it.

The best second is NOW.

five. Stop doing repetitive duties and begin automating.

According to a studies examine carried out with the aid of using Tethys Solutions, a crew of 5 folks that spent three percentage, 20 percentage, 25 percentage, 30 percentage and 70 percentage in their time on repetitive duties, respectively, decreased their time spent to a few percentage, 10 percentage, 15 percentage, 15 percentage and 10 percentage after months of running to beautify their productiveness.

Source: Using Automation Software To Increase Business Productivity & Competitiveness -Tethys Solutions

A week ago, I spent 15 mins writing a primary Python software. The concept changed into to generate content material from the facts, which I pulled from Twitter API the use of a Ruby bot, after which the use of Hootsuite to bulk agenda the content material. While this project used to take me a whole day to accomplish, it now takes me much less than 5 mins way to automation. Nowadays, each time I locate that I’ve accomplished some thing extra than 5 instances, I ask myself if I can discover a software to automate it for me.

You don’t have in an effort to code to automate your repetitive duties. It’s great to have the abilities or the resources, however it’s now no longer a requirement. If you can not construct it, purchase it.

People frequently neglect about that point is cash. People generally do matters manually due to the fact it’s smooth and calls for nearly no studies. It’s attainable to mild 30 photographs on Instagram on your user-generated campaign. But when you have to control 30,000 pix and motion pictures from 5 exclusive platforms, you want a great virtual asset control software program. At Filemobile, we assist human beings resolve that hassle and generate even extra user-generated content material. Just like dealing with wealthy media, you may effortlessly buy a software program to resolve nearly all your issues at the internet.

If you continue to can’t discover a solution, you may rent an professional to assist you. Keep in thoughts which you want to spend cash to make cash and that point is your maximum treasured commodity.

Tips for entrepreneurs: take a look at out GitHub or Google Apps Script library. Often instances, you’ll locate free, ready-to-use open supply code that calls for little or no programming knowledge.

6. Stop guessing and begin backing up your selections with facts

If you may optimize web sites for seek engines, you may optimize your existence to develop and attain your most potential.

There are endless studies research which can provide perception on optimizing your productiveness. For instance, did you already know that maximum human beings are extra effortlessly distracted among midday to four p.m.? This changed into the belief that got here from studies shared with the aid of using Robert Matchock, an accomplice professor of psychology at Pennsylvania State University. But even supposing you may’t locate facts on a selected query you may have, it doesn’t take a variety of time to run a easy cut up take a look at and have a look at your personal consequences.

7. Stop running, and take the time to do not anything at all.

Most human beings don’t recognize that once we're too targeted on some thing, we’re basically locking ourselves in a container that can turn out to be being counterproductive to our paintings or the consequences we’re chasing. It’s crucial to stroll farfar from paintings every now and then and feature a few on my own time, which is ideal for the mind and spirit, in accordance to “The Power of Lonely,” from The Boston Globe.

One ongoing Harvard examine suggests that human beings shape extra lasting and correct recollections in the event that they consider they’re experiencing some thing on my own. Another suggests that a sure quantity of solitude could make someone extra able to empathy closer to others. And at the same time as no person might dispute that an excessive amount of isolation early in existence may be unhealthy, a sure quantity of solitude has been proven to assist teens enhance their moods and earn true grades in school.

Source: The Power of Lonely

It‘s crucial to take time for reflection. We frequently locate the answers we’re seeking out whilst we’re now no longer actively attempting to find them.

It’s additionally crucial to apprehend that we don’t come to be extra efficient overnight. Like the whole thing in existence, it calls for attempt and practice. Change doesn’t show up simply with the aid of using sitting round and awaiting it. Instead, make the effort to analyze extra approximately your frame and locate actionable approaches to optimize your electricity and time for a extra a hit and happier existence.

Disclosure: Filemobile (obtained with the aid of using NewZulu) is a former customer of my agency, ThinkRenegade.

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