How Has Fashion Changed From Past to Present?

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How Has Fashion Changed From Past to Present?
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In addition to people's eating, drinking and accommodation needs, they also have dressing needs. In time, this necessity first pushed women to wear the different. According to a certain trend, similar but different clothes also formed the fashion. The fashion trend that started in the 20s in the world dates back to the 50s in our homeland. The newly established Republic of Turkey's great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Latife Hanim which was officially married, many have chosen in qualifications will be subject to Turkish ladies model. Latife Hanim; With its education, culture and dress, it will be an example and encourage the women in our country.

Since then, a choice of clothing has started to occur in our homeland, albeit slowly. Since 1950, our young girls have started to follow the world fashion and the efforts related to fashion have gained momentum. In recent years, there are many fashion designers in our country that have started to be recognized worldwide. We have become able to easily find the products of our own fashion designers even in foreign countries.


Fashion in the 1920s

At the end of the long lasting wars, with the dressing revolution in our country, women started to use clothes and hats instead of chador. In this period, garter socks came to our country. In men, fabric trousers instead of shalwar and caps instead of fez started to be used.


Fashion in the 1930s

In these years, women in our country used padded suits instead of clothes, and the buttons on the trousers of men were replaced by zippers.


Fashion in the 1940s

In the 1940s, our country got a little closer to the fashion trend in life, and at this time, double and padded teams were used. Skirts that end below the knee are similar to today's blazer selection with waist-fitting jackets. Also at this time, thin nylon stockings came to the fore.


Fashion in the 1950s

Narrow and wide dresses with waist corsets, which are used in the world, have started to be used in our country, albeit a little, and large and majestic hats have appeared.


Fashion in the 1960s

In these years, jeans have begun to take their place in our lives and floral clothes and short skirts have come to the fore. In addition to these clothes, adolescents have adopted different hairstyles and make-up styles that mark the period and are still used. Eyeliner, which is in fashion today, is a fashion from that period.


Fashion in the 1970's

1970's is the year when mini skirts started to be used in our country. Also this year, wide and long trousers with Spanish legs were used, and straight and long hair fashion was formed. This hair, whose top is embossed with bangs, brings to mind Belgin Doruk, the great star of black and white films.


Fashion in the 1980s

The 1980s is the period when fashion was the most complex in our homeland. During these years, punk fashion influenced young people; headbands, tights and sneakers have entered our lives.


Fashion in the 1990's

In the 1990s, when body-fitting bodysuits and dresses were fashionable in our country, thick heels and pencil skirts were used in addition.


Fashion in the 2000s

In the 2000s, low-waist trousers and skirts, colorful ballet shoes and fancy slippers came into our lives. In these years, when the flared trousers fashion was used, the fashion reminds of the 1960s.


Fashion in the 2010s

The fashion of the 2010s, on the other hand, changes slightly every year. All kinds of trousers in wide and tight models, all kinds of modest and floral skirts are in fashion. These pieces, which are used in the right combination, are supported with different and plenty of jewelry. If jean is in fashion; re-stretch jeans continue to be fashionable, worn out, ripped jeans mark the year.

As the color; Vivid colors such as white, yellow, green, blue and neon colors are used, and chiffon shirts and dresses with these colors appear as spring and summer fashion. Stiletto selection shoes, which have been in fashion for the last year, are used after the summer open models are added, in addition, the fashion of colorful and transparent ballet flats continues.


Anahtar Kelimeler : In,addition,to,people's,eating,,drinking,and,accommodation,needs,,they,also,have,dressing,needs.In,time,,this,necessity,first,pushed,women,to,wear,the,different.According,to,a,certain,trend,,similar,but,different,clothes,also,formed,the,fashion.The,fashion,trend,that,started,in,the,20s,in,the,world,dates,back,to,the,50s,in,our,homeland.The,newly,established,Republic,of,Turkey's,great,leader,Mustafa,Kemal,Ataturk,,Latife,Hanim,which,was,officially,married,,many,have,chosen,in,qualifications,will,be,subject,to,Turkish,ladies,model.Latife,Hanim;With,its,education,,culture,and,dress,,it,will,be,an,example,and,encourage,the,women,in,our,country. Since,then,,a,choice,of,clothing,has,started,to,occur,in,our,homeland,,albeit,slowly.Since,1950,,our,young,girls,have,started,to,follow,the,world,fashion,and,the,efforts,related,to,fashion,have,gained,momentum.In,recent,years,,there,are,many,fashion,designers,in,our,country,that,have,started,to,be,recognized,worldwide.We,have,become,able,to,easily,find,the,products,of,our,own,fashion,designers,even,in,foreign,countries. FASHION,IN,THE,1920S At,the,end,of,the,long,lasting,wars,,with,the,dressing,revolution,in,our,country,,women,started,to,use,clothes,and,hats,instead,of,chador.In,this,period,,garter,socks,came,to,our,country.In,men,,fabric,trousers,instead,of,shalwar,and,caps,instead,of,fez,started,to,be,used. FASHION,IN,THE,1930'S In,these,years,,women,in,our,country,used,padded,suits,instead,of,clothes,,and,the,buttons,on,the,trousers,of,men,were,replaced,by,zippers. FASHION,IN,THE,1940's In,the,1940s,,our,country,got,a,little,closer,to,the,fashion,trend,in,life,,and,at,this,time,,double,and,padded,teams,were,used.Skirts,that,end,below,the,knee,are,similar,to,today's,blazer,selection,with,waist-fitting,jackets.Also,at,this,time,,thin,nylon,stockings,came,to,the,fore. FASHION,IN,THE,1950's Narrow,and,wide,dresses,with,waist,corsets,,which,are,used,in,the,world,,have,started,to,be,used,in,our,country,,albeit,a,little,,and,large,and,majestic,hats,have,appeared. FASHION,IN,THE,1960'S In,these,years,,jeans,have,begun,to,take,their,place,in,our,lives,and,floral,clothes,and,short,skirts,have,come,to,the,fore.In,addition,to,these,clothes,,adolescents,have,adopted,different,hairstyles,and,make-up,styles,that,mark,the,period,and,are,still,used.Eyeliner,,which,is,in,fashion,today,,is,a,fashion,from,that,period. FASHION,IN,THE,1970'S 1970's,is,the,year,when,mini,skirts,started,to,be,used,in,our,country.Also,this,year,,wide,and,long,trousers,with,Spanish,legs,were,used,,and,straight,and,long,hair,fashion,was,formed.This,hair,,whose,top,is,embossed,with,bangs,,brings,to,mind,Belgin,Doruk,,the,great,star,of,black,and,white,films. FASHION,IN,THE,1980's The,1980s,is,the,period,when,fashion,was,the,most,complex,in,our,homeland.During,these,years,,punk,fashion,influenced,young,people;headbands,,tights,and,sneakers,have,entered,our,lives. FASHION,IN,THE,1990'S In,the,1990s,,when,body-fitting,bodysuits,and,dresses,were,fashionable,in,our,country,,thick,heels,and,pencil,skirts,were,used,in,addition. FASHION,IN,THE,2000'S In,the,2000s,,low-waist,trousers,and,skirts,,colorful,ballet,shoes,and,fancy,slippers,came,into,our,lives.In,these,years,,when,the,flared,trousers,fashion,was,used,,the,fashion,reminds,of,the,1960s. FASHION,IN,2010 The,fashion,of,the,2010s,,on,the,other,hand,,changes,slightly,every,year.All,kinds,of,trousers,in,wide,and,tight,models,,all,kinds,of,modest,and,floral,skirts,are,in,fashion.These,pieces,,which,are,used,in,the,right,combination,,are,supported,with,different,and,plenty,of,jewelry.If,jean,is,in,fashion;re-stretch,jeans,continue,to,be,fashionable,,worn,out,,ripped,jeans,mark,the,year. As,the,color;Vivid,colors,such,as,white,,yellow,,green,,blue,and,neon,colors,are,used,,and,chiffon,shirts,and,dresses,with,these,colors,appear,as,spring,and,summer,fashion.Stiletto,selection,shoes,,which,have,been,in,fashion,for,the,last,year,,are,used,after,the,summer,open,models,are,added,,in,addition,,the,fashion,of,colorful,and,transparent,ballet,flats,continues.

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