The Last Wish

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Lila was a fairy who lived in the enchanted forest. She had a special gift: she could grant one wish to anyone who asked her. But there was a catch: she could only grant one wish per person, and once she did, she would forget everything about them.

Lila loved her gift, because it made people happy. She granted wishes for all kinds of creatures: animals, plants, elves, dwarves, even humans. She enjoyed seeing their faces light up with joy and gratitude. She didn't mind forgetting them afterwards, because she knew they would always remember her.

One day, she met a young prince named Leo. He was lost in the forest, looking for his way back to his kingdom. He stumbled upon Lila's cottage and knocked on the door.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" he called.

Lila opened the door and smiled at him.

"Hello there. Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Leo, the prince of Ardenia. I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm lost in this forest. Can you help me?" he said.

"Of course I can help you. Come in, come in." Lila invited him inside.

She offered him some tea and cookies and listened to his story. He told her how he had left his castle to explore the world and how he had gotten separated from his guards in the forest.

"I've been wandering for days, looking for a way out. But this forest seems endless." he said.

"Well, don't worry. I know this forest like the back of my hand. I can show you the way out tomorrow." Lila said.

"Thank you so much. You're very kind." Leo said.

They talked for hours, until it was dark outside. Lila prepared a bed for Leo in her guest room and wished him good night.

The next morning, they set off together towards the edge of the forest. Along the way, they saw many wonders: colorful flowers that sang melodies, trees that whispered secrets, animals that danced with joy. Lila explained everything to Leo with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Leo was amazed by everything he saw and heard. He also admired Lila's beauty and grace. He felt a connection with her that he had never felt with anyone before.

They reached the end of the forest by noon. Lila pointed at a road that led to Leo's kingdom.

"There it is." she said.

Leo looked at her with sadness in his eyes.

"Lila...I have something to ask you." he said.

"What is it?" she asked.

He took her hand and looked into her eyes.

"Lila...will you marry me?" he asked.

Anahtar Kelimeler : Lila,was,a,fairy,who,lived,in,the,enchanted,forest.,She,had,a,special,gift:,she,could,grant,one,wish,to,anyone,who,asked,her.,But,there,was,a,catch:,she,could,only,grant,one,wish,per,person..

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