The Secret Garden

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Anna was a girl who loved nature. She had a collection of plants, flowers, and seeds in her room. She watered them every day and watched them grow. She dreamed of having her own garden someday.

But Anna had a problem: she was very lonely. She lived with her aunt in a big city, and she had no friends or family. She felt sad and bored.

She wished for something special: a friend who would share her love for nature and gardening.

She wrote her wish on a piece of paper and put it under her pillow before going to sleep.

The next morning, she woke up to the sound of birds singing. She got ready for school and grabbed her backpack. As she was about to leave her room, she noticed something on her window sill: a flower.

It was a flower she had never seen before. It had purple petals with yellow spots and a sweet fragrance. It looked like it had just bloomed overnight.

She couldn't believe it. How did this flower get here? Was it really magic?

She picked it up and smelled it. It made her feel happy and calm.

She decided to take it with her to school as a lucky charm.

She put the flower in her backpack and ran downstairs.

"Good morning, dear!" her aunt said as she hugged her.

"Good morning, auntie." Anna said with a smile.

"Did you have good dreams?" her aunt asked.

"Yes." Anna lied.

"Well, have fun at school." her aunt said.

"Thanks." Anna said as she kissed her cheek goodbye

She didn't tell her aunt about the flower because she knew she wouldn't care or understand

She grabbed his backpack ran out door

She couldn't wait go school show flower

Maybe would find friend...

She feeling this would best day ever

Anahtar Kelimeler : Anna,was,a,girl,who,loved,nature.,She,had,a,collection,of,plants,,flowers,,and,seeds,in,her,room.,She,watered,them,every,day,and,watched,them,grow.,She,dreamed,of,having,her,own,garden,someday.

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