The Sly Old Cat English Story

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The Sly Old Cat English Story
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Once there has been a younger cat.  He became fast.  He became strong.  He usually had sufficient to eat.  The cat became the satisfactory mouser round.  He may want to seize any mouse he saw.  All of the mice had been very terrified of him.

Unfortunately for the cat, he grew vintage.  As he aged, he have become slower and weaker.  He occasionally did now no longer get sufficient to eat.  The mice might see him coming and run away and hide.  When he were given older nonetheless, they did now no longer even run away.  They simply stood round and laughed at him.  They had been now no longer afraid.

One day, the cat determined to apply his mind to seize his dinner.  The vintage cat lay down on his returned and give up moving.  The mice got here nearby and laughed and laughed.  "The vintage cat is just too worn-out to even attempt to seize us," they stated.  The cat nonetheless did now no longer move.

One of the more youthful mice ran up and touched the cat and ran speedy returned

to in which he started.  The cat nonetheless did now no longer move.  The mice got here nearer and nearer.  "The Cat is dead," stated one mouse.  One via way of means of one, the mice commenced to climb at the cat's body.  They ran from the the front of it to the returned.  Then they ran from the returned to the the front.  The mice laughed and laughed as they ran returned and forth.

One of the mice ran up the cat's head.  "The cat is dead!  Let's dance on his head!"  Just then, the cat opened his eyes.  He grabbed the only mouse in his mouth.  He grabbed others together along with his the front paws.

The sly vintage cat ate nicely that night.  He additionally ate nicely many nights after that.  His dinner became greater silly mice who got here to play once they idea the vintage cat became dead.

It occasionally is satisfactory simply to permit dozing cats lie.

Adapted via way of means of Dr. Mike Lockett, The Normal Storyteller

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