Two Friends And The Bear English Story

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Two Friends And The Bear English Story
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Once upon a time there lived pals in a small village. One nice nighttime they have been strolling thru the forest. They imagined to attain there pals domestic earlier than nighttime. They knew that some thing risky can manifest to them at any time withinside the forest. So they promised every different that they could continue to be united anyways of danger.


Suddenly, they noticed a endure following them. One of the pals right away climbed a close-by tree. But the opposite one did now no longer recognize the way to climb a tree. So being led through his not unusualplace sense, he lay down at the floor breathless, pretending to be a useless man. 


The endure got here close to the person mendacity at the floor. It smelt in his ears, and slowly left the location. Because the bears do now no longer contact the useless persons. After the endure left that location the buddy at the tree got here down and requested his buddy who lied at the floor, “Friend, what did the endure let you know into your ears?” The different buddy replied, “the endure had suggested me to watch out for fake pals".


Moral: True Friend is the only who continually helps and stands through you in any situation.


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