What is Haute Couture? What does it mean? How is it produced?

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What is Haute Couture? What does it mean? How is it produced?
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Every time my time passes, dozens of international and local fashion shows are held, and the ready-made clothing sector employees demonstrate the results of their overwhelming work. These fashion shows and fashion designers determine the fashion of the season. I wear a dress that is fashionable for a while, and wear it again the next time, it is regarded as absurd. Even in some cuts, a piece of clothing can only be worn once, no matter how much money is paid. These unwritten rules are accepted and applied with utmost care by fashion circles and fashion-savvy customers.

Despite all these rules, it is seen that two individuals wearing the same dress meet at an invitation, and the majority of those who do not wear the shirt even once, just because they have seen the shirt on someone else, are seen. Fashion and trends are not only determined as a trend where clothes are determined, but for the segment where the majority of those who shape their lives are unacceptable to experience these coincidences, they prefer custom made clothes that reflect their own tastes.


What is Haute Couture?

This term, which has passed into our language from French, is read as "Otkutür" in Turkish. Custom tailoring is a clothing production method that can be understood in a similar way, and is produced according to the taste of the customer. With a European understanding of discipline and culture carried from the guild system to the present day, it appeals to and serves a select and tiny part of the community, not the general. Unlike ordinary tailoring, it means that all the clothes of an individual are made out of the hands of an individual.

It can be said that it is a set of relationships that run with the intense effects of mutual trust and loyalty principles. Just as a person who wears otkutur would not go comfortably and buy mass-produced clothing from a store, a person who produces otkutür would not make comfortable production for anyone. At the end of the 19th century, tailor ateliers, which emerged in France, produced solid stage elite garments, all of which were hand-made, in order to be able to produce in accordance with the strict and strict rules of the trade associations of which they are members and to satisfy their customers. This tradition can still survive today, thanks to the cultural similarity between the producer and the buyer.


Who Is Haute Couture Preferred?

World-renowned fashion houses, while supplying clothing to the ready-made clothing industry, produce completely personalized products for a small number of private customers who are directly in contact with fashion houses, without any cost calculation. For example; Hollywood stars do not necessarily use mass production or ready-to-wear products during red carpet transitions. Fashion houses that carry out this special production design the most beautiful clothes for these people or allow the individual to design and produce so that their productions can only be seen on that carpet. This is why there are no people with the same clothes among these clothes and the clothes that are worn cannot be found in the market.

Haute Couture is preferred by human beings who have enough financial power to enable well-known brands to produce custom for them. These very special and famous fashion houses also choose their customers specially when they don't want their clothes to appear on any lady. As a result; While customers choose their fashion house, the fashion house also chooses their customers.


Are Wedding Dresses Houte Couture?

The answer to this problem is generally no. Although it fits the definition of otkutür because it is custom made, contains hand-crafted beads and personal details, this mode of production is a process that covers a large part of his life, more than one or a few special garments. When a real otkutur customer needs an outfit, he does not go around the shops, goes directly to the fashion house to define what he wants, or present his own drawing, and then wears the garment made only for him.



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